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A special thank you to Ada Limón for introducing me to Michael H. Broder, and deep gratitude to Tom Daley whose weekly workshops in Boston inspired many of the poems.


Praise for Amaranth :  

"In one of the most important of the Aztec festivals, a month of fasting was ended by observers of the fast cutting up the figurine of a god made of amaranth seeds and honey and sharing it in small pieces. In Amaranth, Robert Carr feeds his readers portions of a god fashioned out of terror, longing, infidelity, wasting sickness, humor, and a searing lyrical tenderness. Crafted with the fingers of a careful and nimble musicianship, these poems vibrate with a current that simultaneously sets the teeth on edge and soothes the agitation the words produce. Even the most casual reader will be astonished by the muscular audacity of these poems—and pleasured by the harsh honey that flows from the poet’s deft pillaging of the heart’s unease. This is a remarkable debut."                                                                           

                                                                                      ------  Tom Daley