Featured Poems

Current featured poems focus on my response to the current political climate.


I'm tremendously grateful to James Penha at New Verse News, and Bryan Borland at Sibling Rivalry Press for giving these poems a home.

White Men Writing Race


A liberal is someone who thinks he knows more about your experience than you do.

                                                                                  -       James Baldwin


There is a wise white woman in

my life, counting dead black people.

They break her pulse, her heart.

That’s real. She etches names

into a journal, copper markers

in her garden. She says, “Feel

like maybe it’s someone else’s

story, and I should stick to dandelions.”

Blowball fruits blown into air,

an untenable lawn. High flying

single seeds. Everything about this

poem tells me, Get out of the way.

First Publication: New Verse News  September 23, 2017 

Censor Approaching


The thrown switch of the state

approaching                 silence

on my tongue              font size                                 

letters             measured by a ruler

Drugged by a phone

flag-gagged     on the news-reel

tight     threads of fish line

tourniquet                    my dry pen                 

Speaking volumes       in 140 character          

fragments        the censor’s tweets     

sparse My left hand curly

over                             erasure

pinkie skin unstained

Tied     strapped          I scribble

Out of laminate black the desktop grows

a wired chair               rocks

First Publication: Sibling Rivalry Press, If You Can Hear This, Poems in Protest of an American Inauguration  January 20, 2017